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Work Background
Reliability Maintainability And Availability Engineer
Systemart, LLCReliability Maintainability And Availability Engineer
Feb. 2022United States
Senior System Engineer
VT Group (VTG)Senior System Engineer
Aug. 2023Warner Robins, Georgia, United States
Principal System Engineer
Northrop GrummanPrincipal System Engineer
Aug. 2020 - Feb. 2022United StatesAntenna Test Engineering and Field Engineering: • Performed acceptance testing and ESS (Environmental Stress Screening). By testing receive/transmit modules, LCRs (line removeable cards) and external power assemblies for these arrays, during different assembly levels. • Maintained and updated documents for Test Specs on headcount and health checks for transmit and receive modules. • Performed VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) and Insertion Loss Testing of Antenna using network analyzer. • Supported field testing and installation of SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar), INS(Inertial Navigation System) and IMU(Inertial Measurement Unit) . • Supported bench on GMTI (Ground Moving Target Indicator) and SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) modes, to test: calibration, thermal stability values, for overall health status of the processor. By replacing, troubleshooting and testing; waveform cards, signal processor cards and buffer boards. In order, to ensure the strength of the signal and by running a circle test using simulation delay. • Performed tuning on hardware in order to maintain calibration, by adjusting software hardware and software on moving parts; motorized servos and gimbals. • Isolated components in order to perform continuity test by using; multimeters, cable assembly wire diagram. In order to ensure BIT (build in test) connectivity on LRU (Line Replacement Units) on inside and outside components this include; connectors, cables, phidget boards and terminals. • Wrote diagnostics and troubleshooting instructions guides, as well as shipping guides for equipment and testing support equipment.
Eng Sr-Systems
BAE SystemsEng Sr-Systems
Mar. 2018 - Aug. 2020United StatesSEIT (System Engineering Integration & Test) and Environmental Test Group: • Wrote interface, environmental, performance and physical requirements to update LRUs (line replacement units) specifications, on new baselines, based on new components, functionalities and application. • Integrated and brought options to the decision making of the design of LRUs and system as a whole. By analysis, design, conceptualize, through a technical review board. By utilizing Model-Based Systems Engineering methodology, to provide virtual representation of different perspectives. In order to, communicate with customers and bring in a certain level of understanding to the stakeholders. As well as, SysML (System Model Language), to contain and maintain data. • Performed environmental testing for signal analyzers, ethernet Switches, transmit and receive extenders. o These environmental testing consist of; operational, non operational storage for low & high temp. • Wrote environmental test procedures using requirements, functional test procedures, MIL-STD-810G, for high and low temp, random vibration, shock, contamination by fluids test, this include; references documents, fixtures figures, flow diagrams, test materials, cables, part numbers and connectors. • Imported systems and subsystems documents specification into DOORs (Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements Systems). And set hierarchical order system architecture for specification allocation into DOORs. • Built and develop detailed product specifications and requirements using DOORs (Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements Systems) • Reviewed internal work peer review and stakeholder reviews to make requirements consistent between different teams and the customer. By understanding the behavior, parameters, constrains, design, regulations guides and safety of the platform finalize objectives with cooperation from subject matter experts and utilization of MBSE Model Based Systems Engineering.
System Engineer 1
BoeingSystem Engineer 1
Jun. 2016 - Mar. 2018United StatesSEIT (System Engineering Integration Team) and Sustainment: • Expedited requirements management through Dynamic Object-Oriented Requirements Systems (DOORS) by utilize requirements traceability, access controls, history capture, shareable editing, import and export functions, filtering, reporting, sorting, attributes and customization. • Decomposed and mapped allocation from technical requirements document & system specifications to lower level requirement verifications in DOORS. • Performed SEIT (system engineering integration and testing) to support mission computer upgraded designs & production. • Designed, developed, verified and validated of modified or new support equipment, including radar dome, mission computer upgrade and cockpit interface upgraded through a contract data verification requirement list. • Applied an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to assist with analyses, design, development and verification of a lifecycle balanced system of system and system solutions. • Sustained through operational maintenance concepts these include; o engineering drawings, assembling drawings, installation drawings, modification drawings, procurement, data commercial maintenance planning documents, contract mission equipment maintenance plans and technical orders, as used for source data to the support system planning effort. • Oversaw/advised engineering services on specific chapters of the airplane with the co-operation of other organizations to log their effort to support engineering inquiry tasks. • Maintained and peer reviewed the delivery of TOs (technical operating manuals) by operational engineering standards and illustrated parts data, through technical publications. • Reviewed, updated and released service letters related to new commercial service bulletins approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. In order to provide instructions to how install, remove and perform functional checks on unique equipment.
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