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Business Owner
Startup Founder
Work Background
Founder and Coach
Autonomi DigitaliFounder and Coach
Apr. 2022Everywhere ๐ŸŒAutonomi Digitali is an ecosystem designed for all those who work online. Dedicated to: โžก those who want to change their lives by starting to work online as freelancers, remote employees or digital entrepreneurs โžก those who already work online and want to improve their performance โžก those who have an offline profession and want to digitize their business and their career We are just at the beginning of this fantastic adventure that even before being structured and coming to light has helped +500 people to become "Autonomi Digitali".
Business Consultant
Cesynt Advanced Solutions S.p.A.Business Consultant
Mar. 2022Remoto
Senior Manager Marketing Strategy
Mars 1982 LtdSenior Manager Marketing Strategy
Sep. 2019 - Sep. 2020Poole, Inghilterra, Regno UnitoProblem solving, foresight, and creativity are the skills that drive me to help the company to find the best ways to create and increase revenues. I bring new games ideas, new features, new elements that will let gamers love our games and spend time and money on them. I take care of finding the best strategy to grow faster and with the best ROI. I love neuromarketing and communication strategy cause help me to comprehend humans thoughts and behaviors.
Teacher in Influencer and Instagram Marketing
UdemyTeacher in Influencer and Instagram Marketing
Aug. 2018RemoteI create this online course to let companies and professionals use Instagram in the best way for their business. Thanks to this course you can learn how to grow a targeted audience and how to profit from your Instagram account. You can also learn the opportunity around Influencer Marketing. This course is also good for anyone that would become a real influencer. More than having this online course I offer personalized speech and courses for companies and events. Letting your employees able to use this channel in the best way could be very productive and helpful for your company. Influencer Marketing is also a super actual argument and bringing my speech into your events should be a good value for your audience. I'm available for Live Streaming events too.
Travel Blogger
Associazione Borghi Autentici d'ItaliaTravel Blogger
Jun. 2016 - Oct. 2016ItaliaI was traveling around Italy visiting the small town that the association is cooperating with. I was talking with the mayors and the local entrepreneur to make photos and video reportage about their conditions and future projects. I helped the community I was visiting giving knowledge about Social Media Marketing and other advice about communication and marketing. It has been a wonderful experience traveling alone for five months never coming back home.
Influencer and Instagram Marketing Strategist - Consultant - Coach
lorenzogiustarini.netInfluencer and Instagram Marketing Strategist - Consultant - Coach
Mar. 2016ItalyThanks to my knowledge about Marketing and Communication I'm able to create personal strategies for any kind of brand or company based on Influencer Marketing. Instagram is one of the biggest channels for this kind of strategy but it's not the only one. A good Influencer Marketing strategy can allow growing faster than any other and could be implemented with more other strategies in a funnel of growth.
Life Coach
Consulente FreelanceLife Coach
Jan. 2016RemoteI love sociology, psychology, and meditation. I use all that I've learned in my life to help me and other people to improve themselves. I believe in the power of the mind and I work to grow and let other people doing it. I've done Life Coach for free or included in my job with my colleague helping a lot of people in problems with anxiety, depression, relationships and other aspects where most of the people could find a problem.
Socialdix srlsCEO
Dec. 2014 - Jan. 2016Pisa, ItaliaThis is one of the failures in my life that let me start with more and new energy in what is my real "dream": build Digital Startups. I've been the co-founder of this company with a partner thinking to start a Digital Startup Company and having a Business Angel who could help me with funds and networking but after few months I understood I did a mistake of valuation or comprehension. My partner would have a Communication agency that was not what I would, so we decided to stop this company and this cooperation.
Consultant for Events, Communication and Marketing
FreelanceConsultant for Events, Communication and Marketing
Feb. 2012RemotoI have a natural predisposition for problem-solving: give me a problem and I will find an effective solution. I am an empathetic person with a good vision. Thanks to these characteristics and thanks to the different work and training experiences I have had, I managed to obtain excellent results both in personal business and in those who trusted me. I can study and plan a communication and marketing strategy for your brand or your company. You can rely on me for the realization of an event for which, starting from market analysis, define strategies, objectives and communication and marketing campaigns.
Sales Network Manger
NWG S.p.A.Sales Network Manger
Dec. 2008 - Aug. 2012ItaliaI was introduced in Network Marketing by this company where I learned a lot about communication, personal growth and sales. I started to build my network of people obtaining good results and receiving the company's qualification of Coach. I was teaching them all that I learned about sales, communication and network strategy. I was traveling all around Italy selling photovoltaic panels and growing my network.
Sales Account
AMC Alfa Metalcraft CorporationSales Account
Sep. 2007 - May. 2008Toscana, ItaliaI was a Door to door seller of their products.
Glass Sprint SrlCEO
Jan. 2002 - Dec. 2007Pisa, ItaliaIt was the family's company operating in the field of vehicle's glass replacement and repair. I must stop my studies to jump into this experience to help my family. I managed all the business starting with no knowledge in doing all this. It has been a good school where in five years I learned to operate like the worker to replace our employees and then become a real manager of a small business. I worked 12 hours per day looking for new customers, new partners, and providers. I start looking for a strategy that could help the company in jumping out the economical problems I found it. I learned to manage employees, chose the best products to buy at the best price, sell our products with the best profit and relate with many types of people. After five years I had been able to solve the economy's problems, sell all the instruments and warehouse items and close the company to finish my studies and follow my dreams. I've improved my problem solving, resilience and patience.


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Growth Marketing Consultant @ Polar Dynamics
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Junior Marketing Manager @ Biosofa