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Saudi Arabia
Work Background
Freelance Web Developer and Digital Marketer
Redha AlayeshFreelance Web Developer and Digital Marketer
May. 2019Remote · RemoteI started freelancing in Digital Marketing and WordPress Web Development as it is a great way to gain experience. Now, I've worked with clients of many sizes and forms including large organizations like IBM and Ithra and startups like Protein and Murshdk, and traditional businesses like restaurants, cafes, and many more.
Marketing Consultant
Nokhbah AcademyMarketing Consultant
Jan. 2022Eastern, Saudi Arabia · HybridNokhbah Academy started with the goal of having personalization features for the students to know their strengths and weaknesses. My part was working on marketing and that means anything that will increase customers or CLV alongside the team.
منصة روابطFounder
Nov. 2021 - May. 2023Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaRwab6 started with the goal of making freelancing becoming a valid career path. After many experiments, we thought the path was through providing freelancers through project managers which is very similar to an agency standard to become kind of like a scalable agency. We stopped working on the company when we faced growth and financial problems and decided it was time to move on after months of perseverance and trying to make it work.
Growth Hacker
Eager.saGrowth Hacker
Aug. 2021 - Sep. 2022Eastern, Saudi Arabia · HybridEager is definitely one of my best experiences as the team will always be in my heart. My role started with finding the best marketing strategies based on the client's needs and evolved to finding ways to improve the campaign while running it and it included focusing on either targeting businesses (B2B) or individuals (B2C). We've done some great achievements like decreasing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by 50% for a client and getting more than 10K conversations for a very niche and hard market which is around 100K in all of Saudi Arabia (That's 10% of the market).
Digital Marketing
Suplift سبليفت Digital Marketing
Jan. 2022 - Feb. 2022Riyadh, Saudi Arabia · HybridSuplift was a new experience working in an interesting field (entertainment). It was great to meet the team and work with an energetic entrepreneur. Most of what I worked on was analyzing the current strategy and finding optimization opportunities.
Co-Founder & CEO
Project Blue MoonCo-Founder & CEO
Jun. 2021 - Dec. 2021Eastern, Saudi Arabia · HybridProject Blue Moon started with the idea of providing academic coaching for Saudi students who want to study abroad. It was a great experience with a great team and we learned a lot figuring out the whys and whats of not only the business but ourselves as well.
Social Media Marketing Manager
IntlacaSocial Media Marketing Manager
Nov. 2020 - Jan. 2021Saudi Arabia• Analysed past social media performance and studied competitors. • Created and implemented a 3 months content marketing plan on Instagram.


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