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Work Background
Technical Architect
DatamaticsTechnical Architect
Feb. 2019Mumbai, Maharashtra, India• Designed and developed the RPA Product TruBot Designer , a workflow designer studio for creating customized robots efficiently. • Defined TruBot architecture and implemented decoupled frameworks for seamless integration with other systems. • Participated in requirement understanding and meetings with business users and prospective clients. • Possess in‑depth understanding of TruBot product features and provide production support to clients. • Worked with functional/process analysts, consultants, and programmers to plan and implement technical specifications. • Led a team of 20+ members, providing technical guidance, task assignments, release plans, and reviews. • Responsible for all major Technical POC and bringing successfully into the system. • Actively participated in presales activities such as product demos, solutions, proposals, RFP/RFI responses, etc • Collaborated with clients to understand their business requirements and identified opportunitiesfor automation. • Designed scalable and robust RPA solutions using TruBot and TruCap+ platform, ensuring adherence to best practices and industry standards and Conducted process assessments to identify automation potential, analyze complexity, and estimate implementation effort. • Led cross‑functional teams of developers and business analysts, providing technical guidance, mentoring, and ensuring successful delivery of TruBot RPA implementation projects.
Technical Lead
Datamatics Global Services LimitedTechnical Lead
Jul. 2013 - May. 2015Mumbai Area, India• Led a team for TruFare, an automatic fare collection system for rapid transit systems and created architectural specifications, flow diagrams, system architectural diagrams, and deployment plans. • Implemented various features utilizing cutting‑edge technologies such as SignalR, TCP Socket Server Structure, Restful Services, Distributed Systems, and Real‑time Data Handling. • Enhanced system flexibility by decoupling tightly coupled components through the incorporation of dependency injection and the implementation of pure object‑oriented programming principles, leveraging the use of abstract factory patterns. • Implemented deployment checklists to ensure smooth and efficient deployment processes for the team and Conducted rigorous performance testing and successfully addressed multiple critical situations by delivering timely hot fixes in response to major production issues. • Facilitated effective task coordination within the team, collecting task updates and preparing consolidated reports for management. • Led the team in delivering numerous successful projects to production and managed effort estimation, task assignment, and task and effort management. • Conducted comprehensive code reviews prior to committing changes to the server and conducted training sessions for the team, introducing them to new technologies and products.
Technical Lead
Beedu Services Pvt LtdTechnical Lead
Jun. 2015 - Jan. 2019Mumbai Area, India• Developed architecture roadmaps and established standard practices for the systems and product development teams. • Conducted analysis of existing business processes, identified gaps, and proposed service enhancements. • Assumed responsibility for the overall architecture of the products and collaborated with stakeholders to ensure end‑to‑end fulfillment of solutions. • Assessed business requirements and addressed compilation issues and evaluated the feasibility of implementing new features into the current system. • Created scalable systems and products to enhance performance and user experience. • Prepared comprehensive documentation for architecture, components, and outcomes and maintained product versions and data dictionary. • Reviewed products and updates to ensure compliance with company quality standards, monitored production schedules, and tracked work‑in‑progress with regular reports. • Implemented numerous beneficial changes to optimize the performance of the current product, resulting in approximately 80 percentage improvement in production resource utilization.
System Analyst
CEdge Software ConsultantsSystem Analyst
Sep. 2011 - Jun. 2013Mumbai, Maharashtra, India• Handled integration with SBI‑Life System and Core Banking System. • Participated in various phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including design, analysis, and code development. • Performed feasibility analysis of new features for implementation. • Provided application support, handled change requests, and performed 24/7 production support. • Provided live issue debugging, hotfix patches, and performance testing.
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