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Work Background
IT Consultant
Doxinet S.r.l.IT Consultant
Jul. 2014Milano, Italia
Chief Technology Officer
inTouch srlChief Technology Officer
Jun. 2017Pisa, Toscana, Italia
Project Manager
inTouch srlProject Manager
Jan. 2017Settore sviluppo mobile
CEO Fondatore
inTouch srlCEO Fondatore
Oct. 2015Pisa, Italia
Capo Progetto settore iOS
BlueLion softwareCapo Progetto settore iOS
Jan. 2013 - Jan. 2023Pisa, Italia
programmatore iPad
Pquadroprogrammatore iPad
Jan. 2010 - Jan. 2012
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Startup Founder
32515 people
senior fx artist, Cg producer, on-set vfx supervisor @ doodle.co.tr
Co-Founder @ Ophir
CTO @ Ufirst
Startup FounderFounder
16975 people
Co-Founder @ Ophir
Founder @ Loom of ideas & Yocory
CEO & Innovation Manager @ Dotfarm