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Work Background
Applications Project Manager
Semilab ZrtApplications Project Manager
Aug. 2022 - Mar. 2023Budapest, Hungary
Summer Intern at Paks II. Zrt.
Paks II. Nuclear Power Plant Ltd.Summer Intern at Paks II. Zrt.
Aug. 2022 - Aug. 2022Paks, Tolna, Hungary
Student Intern in Physics
Wigner Research Center for PhysicsStudent Intern in Physics
Jan. 2022 - May. 2022Budapest, Hungary
Task correction at KöMaL
KöMaLTask correction at KöMaL
Jan. 2019 - Jan. 2021Budapest, Hungary
Undergraduate Research Fellow
Eötvös Loránd UniversityUndergraduate Research Fellow
Jan. 2020 - Jan. 2021Title: Investigation of the transport effects of MoS2 based quantum dots Abstract: The theory of electron transport processes taking place in mesoscopic systems, which I have examined, can be investigated with the so-called rate equation formalism. This allows us to theoretically test the quantum dots' transport processes which are defined on a few-layer transition-metal dichalcogenide (e.g. MoS2) systems. In such systems, quantum dots’ energy levels have three-fold degeneracy, the behaviour of electrons can be described by a three-fold symmetry which is rare in solid-state physics, resulting an interesting and novel behaviour in the transport processes. I have analytically examined the transport processes of single quantum dots controlled by the so-called Coulomb blockade with the help of rate equations, while the degeneracy of the energy level is 3- or m-fold. I have determined the dependency of system-specific quantities (transport current, current noise, Fano factor and conductivity) on the external parameters. As a next step, I examined the transport properties of double quantum dots in the case when the degeneracy of the energy levels is m-fold. In addition to determining the optimal charge configuration, I also analyzed the effects in the transport current due to the so-called Pauli blockade. Publications, presentations: I have summarized my results and wrote a thesis to the Conference of Scientific Students' Associations (TDK). This thesis get 2nd prize in the Faculty's Conference and therefore I was able to take part in the National Conference. Moreover, I was fortunate enough to present my results on the IV. Móra Interdisciplinary and the XXV. Bolyai College Conferences and wrote a Hungarian scientific paper in the Móra Akadémia: szakkollégiumi tanulmánykötet 10. collection of essays.
Undergraduate Research Fellow
Eötvös Loránd UniversityUndergraduate Research Fellow
Jan. 2018 - Jan. 2019Budapest, HungaryThe gravitational wave analysis of perturbed evolution binary black holes From Einstein's theory of general relativity we can get the Einstein's field equations which has a couple types of solutions. One of them, called gravitational waves, are periodic contractions and extensions in spacetime. We can detect these with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO). In the collected data from LIGO, we basically search for cyclic binary black hole signals. However, it could be possible that there are other waveforms which are also generated by binary black holes, but in these cases their evolution have at least one extra waveform modifying effect - this evolution is called perturbed evolution. My research topic focused on finding the possible sources of the waveform distorsion from the cyclic waveform and analyze the effects on it.
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