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Work Background
Ruff DogsSupervisor
Jun. 2022South Fork, Colorado, United States- Successfully managed day-to-day operations of Ruff Dogs facility, including supervising staff and ensuring exceptional standards of care for all dogs in our care. - Demonstrated commitment to providing exceptional customer and pet care services, resulting in Ruff Dogs being a trusted and preferred destination for pet owners in the community. - Leveraged strong communication and interpersonal skills to develop positive relationships with pet owners and ensure their satisfaction with our services, resulting in consistently high customer retention rates. - Implemented effective procedures and protocols to ensure the safety and well-being of all dogs in our care. - Trained and developed team members to achieve high levels of performance, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity in daily operations of Ruff Dogs facility.
Crew One Productions IncStagehand
Mar. 2013 - Apr. 2016Memphis,TN- Brought a strong work ethic, attention to detail, and extensive expertise to all aspects of the job, resulting in consistent delivery of high-quality work. - Demonstrated extensive knowledge of unloading, setting up, running coils, cable management, assembling and installing scenery, and striking equipment, contributing to the smooth setup and dismantling of events in accordance with clients' instructions. - Valuable team player during events, operating spotlights, assisting sound crew, and moving backline and scenery efficiently, allowing for smoother and more organized events that ensure a positive experience for all attendees and clients alike. - Skilled in basic troubleshooting and maintenance of equipment, providing quick and effective solutions to all technical issues that arise during events, minimizing delays and disruptions. - Developed a reputation as a reliable and dependable stagehand who consistently delivers quality work, contributing to the success of numerous events and productions and earning the respect and appreciation of clients and colleagues alike.
Acadium Plus Member
AcadiumAcadium Plus Member
May. 2023RemoteAcadium Plus is a career acceleration course designed specifically to help digital marketers secure the right role. Our exclusive community supports new and early stage digital marketers with access to real-life exercises, projects and networking connections that prepare us for a successful digital marketing career. See if Acadium Plus is the right fit for you - //www.acadium.com/acadium-plus
Content Marketing Specialist
Arctic Wolf MediaContent Marketing Specialist
Sep. 2023Nadalie Bardo Pinterest Coaching- Increased summit visibility and engagement by editing speaker interview videos into individual clips, allowing the summit host and speakers to effectively promote the event across various platforms. - Enhanced viewer interaction and conversion rates by creating captivating call-to-action animations and resizing the content for optimal performance on social media.
Social Media Specialist
Arctic Wolf MediaSocial Media Specialist
Jun. 2023 - Aug. 2023Real Conspiracy Theory Podcast- Acquired comprehensive knowledge and proficiency in AI tools including ChatGPT, Artsmart, and Pipio, enhancing operational efficiency and creating a platform for innovation within the organization. - Conducted extensive research to identify the most effective social media scheduler, subsequently improving our social media engagement, content consistency, and overall digital marketing strategy. - Designed and implemented strategic outreach messages for potential podcast guests, resulting in successful guest acquisition and diversified podcast content. - Managed customer relationships by promptly and professionally responding to comments and messages on Facebook and Instagram, thus improving reputation, customer satisfaction, and engagement metrics.
Dioji K-9 Resort & Athletic ClubSupervisor
Sep. 2019 - Aug. 2021Agoura Hills, California- Ensured smooth and efficient daily operations by effectively planning and allocating workloads for staff, monitoring progress of tasks, and maintaining safety standards for all dogs in our care. - Demonstrated strong leadership skills by actively training and mentoring staff, sharing knowledge and expertise to help them grow and excel in their roles. This has resulted in a more knowledgeable and capable team, capable of handling even the most challenging situations. - Committed to maintaining well-balanced dog yards, while also ensuring feeding schedules and baths are completed on time and to the highest standard. This has resulted in a better experience for our clients' dogs, increasing overall customer satisfaction. - Created a positive and safe environment for all dogs in our care, while also maintaining efficiency and productivity for the entire team by following effective procedures and protocols.
Account Sales Manager
BDT BeverageAccount Sales Manager
Jan. 2018 - May. 2019Greater Memphis Area- Delivered exceptional customer service to B2B clients through effective management of product delivery and prompt resolution of customer issues, resulting in improved client satisfaction ratings and increased repeat business. - Proactively ensured visually appealing and prominent product displays through effective merchandising and display set-up across all locations, resulting in increased sales and brand recognition. - Demonstrated deep expertise in inventory management and stock control, enabling effective tracking of product movement and adjustment of inventory levels to meet client demands, resulting in optimized stock levels, minimized product waste, and improved inventory accuracy. - Successfully managed the collection of payments and invoicing of clients, ensuring accuracy and timely processing of all payments, resulting in consistent cash flow and improved financial stability for the company. - Operated company vehicles for route deliveries with a high level of safety, efficiency, and timeliness, ensuring punctual and reliable delivery of products to clients. - Contributed to substantial sales growth and expanded clientele base through commitment to providing exceptional customer service, optimizing productivity and effective inventory control, and effective management of all sales activities.
Freight Coordinator
The Buckle, Inc.Freight Coordinator
Sep. 2017 - Jan. 2018Memphis, Tennessee- Played an essential role in ensuring smooth and efficient logistics operations, accurately unpacking daily shipments and shipping merchandise to other stores and individuals in a timely manner, contributing to improved supply chain management for the company. - Demonstrated a consistently high level of attention to detail and commitment to backroom maintenance, including organization and safe storage of all freight products, improving efficiency and safety throughout the logistics process. - Willingness to display flexibility in supporting the sales team on the floor, as needed, highlighting personal dedication to providing excellent service to customers, ultimately contributing to a more positive customer experience and increased customer satisfaction ratings. - Developed strong relationships with vendors and shipping partners, enabling smoother communication and improved logistics operations, resulting in optimized delivery times and reduced delays. - Demonstrated effective time management skills in a fast-paced and constantly changing environment, contributing to increased productivity, reduced costs, and improved efficiency in freight logistics operations.
Sales Associate/Store Manager
GNCSales Associate/Store Manager
Sep. 2015 - Apr. 2017Memphis, Tennessee- Consistently delivered exceptional customer service, utilizing extensive product knowledge and enthusiastic communication skills to meet the purchasing needs of customers, and resulting in consistently high levels of customer satisfaction ratings. - Demonstrated strong attention to detail in receiving, checking, and stocking merchandise, and keeping the store clean and organized, creating a welcoming and positive shopping environment for customers, and contributing to increased repeat business. - Successfully completed store opening and closing activities, including creating and transporting bank deposits, and preparing record-keeping paperwork to maintain compliance with company policies and procedures, ensuring a smooth and organized operation of daily activities at the store. - Equipped the team with necessary tools and training to provide excellent customer service and increase sales, through effective utilization of company provided training, brand provided materials, and other relevant resources, resulting in improved team performance and productivity. - As a manager, demonstrated expertise in sales and customer service and effectively drove revenue growth, contributing to the overall financial success of the store and the company.
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