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Work Background
IT Project Manager
FITIT Project Manager
Jun. 2022• I manage the development team; • I create a Backlog, collected and described the requirements for tasks; • I communicate with customers: I organized communication on the project, held meetings, fixed agreements, conducted business correspondence; • I conduct the main team activities: Daily, Planning, Retrospective, Sprint Review; • I organize the work of the team: I supported the work on processes, fixed agreements, controlled the deadlines for the implementation of functionality, maintained documentation of the history of changes in release versions, conducted Scrum activities; • I create prototypes and feature lists; • I design and describe the requirements as a User-story in Sequence diagram format; • I calculate the budget and present it to the customer; • Planning resources for the project; • I communicate and control the implementation of tasks with departments: analytics, design, Devops;; • I write technical tasks; • Manage and prioritize project tasks, monitor deadlines and releases; • I prepare reports on the results of project implementation; • I conduct a Demo of the implemented functionality for the customer. Progress: • I am running simultaneously from three projects with large budgets to implement a solution from scratch; • Successfully implemented Scrum and Kanban methodologies; • I conduct internal trainings on the use of the product; • I conduct On-boarding for new employees: methodology, product, work processes; • Successfully transferred work from Scrum to Kanban for Devops teams, analytics; Tools: Miro, Figma, Gantt Pro, MS Project, Drawio, JIRA, Confluence,Slack. Methodology: AGILE; Framework: Scrum, Kanban; Technology stack: Node.JS, React. Daha az göster
IT Project Manager
FindataIT Project Manager
Mar. 2020 - May. 2022Москва, Москва, РоссияManaged a distributed development team; • Formed a backlog and managed the loading of resources for projects; • Controlled the process of developing and executing tasks; • Conducted scrum activities: Daily meeting, Planning, Retrospective, Sprint review; • Managed the development process and formed tasks for the development of a cross-platform mobile application for the following platforms: IOS, Android; • Built business processes using the Scrum methodology; • Top-level tested mobile app • Collected requirements, wrote technical tasks; • Analyzed the effectiveness of the application using metrics together with the analytics and marketing team; • Participated in the Custdev • Controlled release dates and led changelog by version; Progress: • Built team processes from scratch; • Led 5-6 projects at the same time; • Top-level learned how to test a mobile app; Tools: Yandex-Metrika, AppsFlyer, Figma, Miro, JIRA, Confluence, Google Play Console, IOS Console. Methodology: AGILE Framework: Scrum Technology stack: React, Python. Daha az göster
IT Project Manager
CardsmobileIT Project Manager
Sep. 2016 - Dec. 2017Санкт-Петербург, Санкт-Петербург, РоссияManaged the mobile app development team; • Set tasks and controlled deadlines; • Administered mobile development projects for platforms: IOS, ANDROID; • Generated reports and prepared presentations on the results of the project; • Went to meetings with the customer, conducted negotiations, fixed requirements; • Built processes according to Agile methodology, created activities to improve the workflow, built positive communications with internal divisions of the company; Progress: • Studied and gained experience working with mobile development production cycles; • Experience in improving processes within the company; • Improved presentation skills; • Successfully implemented the application for new customers. Tools: Miro,Figma, Gant Pro, MS Project, Draw io,JIRA, Confluence,Slack Methodology: AGILE Framework: Scrum Technology stack: Kotlin, React. Daha az göster
IT Project Manager
CRM SolutionsIT Project Manager
Dec. 2017 - Mar. 2020Москва, Москва, Россия• Supervised the implementation of tasks for the implementation and implementation of the CDP solution; • Collected requirements, formed a backlog, prioritized tasks; • Described Technical specifications and documentation for tenders; • Communicated with stakeholders: organized communications, fixed requirements and agreements, conducted negotiations on the launch of projects, taught the experience of using the implemented functionality; • Managed the connection process and control of integration deadlines: CMS (Amocrm, Bitrix24, retailCRM, Cash Registers(1C, Setretail, Frontol), ERP (1C, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365) • Planned resources for the project, drew up a roadmap; • Calculated estimates and coordinated the budget with customers; • Modeled microservice and monolithic architectures at the top level; • Recorded instructions for using the functionality; • Spoke at product events; • Conducted Pre-sale events; • Led major projects for Real Estate, Horeca, Ecom; Tools: Miro, Figma, Gantt Pro, MS Project, Drawio, JIRA, Confluence, Slack. Methodology: AGILE; Framework: Scrum, Kanban; Technology stack: C#,React. Daha az göster
Project Manager
Itella LithuaniaProject Manager
Jul. 2015 - Jun. 2016Москва, Россия• Planned and decomposed project tasks; • Collected requirements and described them for the development team; • Controlled the integration process with the CRM system and set up trigger chains; • Communicated with customers; • Conducted the main Scrum activities in the team: Daily, Planning, retrospective; • Testing of implemented tasks by the development department; • Prepared reports on the results of the project implementation • Conducted a demo to the customer; Achievements: • learned how to set up trigger emails: • led the first major projects • honed presentation skills • increased knowledge in the process of team management Tools: Miro,Figma, Gant Pro, MS Project, Draw io,JIRA, Confluence,Slack Methodology: AGILE Framework: Scrum Daha az göster
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