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Strategy Consultant
Pure senseStrategy Consultant
Jun. 2020 - Sep. 2020Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaGoals: Generate positive net profit, increase brand-awareness from scratch Metrics: CAC – $205.50, LTV – $13 150, avg. GM from order – 40%, # of clients – 60, Net Profit – $215 070, Overall Reach – 17,6M Online sales funnel strategy, distribution, GM, and cash-flow growth through B2B sales to concept-stores (also to drive GEO presence) through Account-Based Marketing and targeting IG/FB, collaboration with brands, bloggers, and Media to drive brand awareness and trial CR.
Strategy Consultant
Kraftur ConsultingStrategy Consultant
Jul. 2019 - Sep. 2019Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaGoals: To create sales funnel, generate a positive net profit for future growth from scratch Metrics: CAC – $75.34, ARPPU – $890.41, # of clients – 150, Net Profit – $86 300 Created landing structure, sales and marketing sales funnel (ad-webinar-consultancy-package sale-upsale), lead generation through social media, blogs and bloggers, JTBD interviews.
Chief Growth Officer (Product RnD)
Choise.comChief Growth Officer (Product RnD)
Apr. 2019Tallinn, Harjumaa, Estonia · RemoteManage: 7 direct reports: Project, Products, Product Marketing & Growth Was (2019): 60k registrations, MAU - 15k, DAU - 3k, Transactions vol. - $50M, Revenue - $2M, CAC - $30.9, ARPU - $33,3, ARPPU - $133.3, Life-time - 8.4 Mo Is now (2022): 1.2M registrations, MAU - 200k, DAU - 60k, Transactions vol. - $500M, Revenue - $36M, CAC - $15.3, ARPU - $30.0, ARPPU - $180, Life-time - 15.1 Mo NFT, Crypto, Web 3 experience: 1) Test launch of Choise.com as an MVP, token pre-sale, scaling, product road mapping. Choice.com is a meta-fi solution, where people can either create free wallets within APP or connect with DEX wallets. 2) Choice.com tokenomics - with consultants and an agency 3) Interest accounts - Launch, unit-economy, roadmap, adding new tokens for APY with tokens locking. 4) Charism Platform - Ideation, MVP, Testing, beta-launch, adding new tokens and chains, roadmap. Charism is a DeFii platform to invest for APY across all de-fi chains 5) NFTs - ideation, Testing, Launch. Collection 1 was created for pre-sale, and collection 2 was created as a motivation for the Charism beta test. Collection 3 - get NFT for APY locking Currently working on NFT wallet MVP. 6) DAO - Ideation, MVP, Launch, roadmap. Currently, token-holders can vote for product development choices. The more tokens you own, the more you can affect the final decision. 7) CHO & CRPT - our own token launch, listings, and increasing investment attractiveness 8) CRPT card cashback & token holding - earn on transactions, higher cashback, referral, discount for subscription, lower commissions, higher APY, pay for predictions Functionality: 30 % Strategy & Vision 30 % Product Management 15% Finance & Budgeting 15% Business administration 10% Leadership & Coaching Stack: Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Intercom, Adjust, Appsflyer, Jira/Confluence/Click-up, Slack, Miro, Notion, Figma, Zendesk, Calendly, PowerBI/DataStudio, Salesforce, Google Docs
Senior Brand Manager
EssitySenior Brand Manager
Feb. 2018 - Apr. 2019Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaZewa Toilet Paper brand portfolio management Report in: 1 direct Key results: Overall brand portfolio – Market share in volume +7pp, Gross-Margin +3pp, COGS -5pp, Distribution +5pp, Share of e-com in value +12pp. Key Sub-ranges – Market share in volume +18pp & +12pp, Distribution +12pp & +8pp, Sales volumes YoY +100% & +60%. *Source: AC Nielsen On account of: 1) New sub-range launch in the eco-friendly niche to follow-up on trends, buyers preferences, increase sales and GM; 2) Change of specification within hero products –COGS decrease, with a subjective quality drop (according to qualitative research); 3) Creation and leadership of an initiative group of sales C-Level to brainstorm and implement hypothesis to drive sales volume and distribution of key sub-ranges; 4) Marketing strategy creation and implementation to drive usage occasions and up-sale within the category to increase GM. Functionality: - Creation and implementation of products roadmap for 1,3 & 5 years: enhancement of current portfolio and launch of new products; - P&L management, ROI и GM growth; - Brand health and key brand metrics management; - Creation and implementation of marketing and communication strategies; - Financial backing formation for decisions and initiatives (P&L & unit-economy); - Hypothesis testing through quantitative & qualitative research methods; - Insights (within research, data, experiments) formation into new products and projects; - Junior-brand manager management and KPIs setting; - Agency management and KPIs setting; - Projects implementation to drive conversions in sales funnel; - Leadership of cross-functional projects, responsibility for tactical solutions, tasks realization, and projects delivery timings.
Brand Manager
NestléBrand Manager
Nov. 2016 - Feb. 2018Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaGourmet (wet cat food) brand management Key Results: 1) New positioning and communicative strategy creation: Brand awareness +7pp, Trial CR +5pp, Loyalty CR +2pp, value share +10pp YoY'17 vs 16; 2) Pricing strategy change: Brand GM% +1,9pp, Off-take change: -0,8pp (YoY'17 vs 16); 3) New product launch: Brand GM +0,5pp, +5pp value share YoY'17 vs 16; 4) Packaging redesign: Consideration CR +3pp, +10pp factual growth from POS (YoY'17 vs 16).
Junior Brand Manager
RBJunior Brand Manager
Jun. 2015 - Nov. 2016Moscow, Moscow City, RussiaDurex brand management Key Results: 1) Cost-saving project leadership: saved £3M (YoY'16 vs '15) for European and Northern States Region; 2) New communication targeted to young audience (16-21 y.o.) creation: Category penetration growth by 10% (YoY 1Q16 vs 1Q15); 3) Participation in new product development: Value share +7pp, Brand GM% +0,7pp (YoY'16 vs '15).
Product Manager Intern
Renault GroupProduct Manager Intern
Apr. 2015 - Jun. 2015Москва, РоссияKey Result: Key metrics dashboard creation and new business-process implementation to increase analytics efficiency.


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