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Work Background
Senior Software Engineer
Stealth StartupSenior Software Engineer
Jul. 2022Backend Development Expertise: Specialized in backend engineering as a dedicated professional, collaborating closely with a team of five backend developers to drive backend initiatives successfully. Feature Development and Deployment: Consistently delivered high-quality features to production, from understanding product team requirements to developing specifications, designing databases, and executing end-to-end development and refactoring processes. Key System Contributions: Led the development and implementation of pivotal features such as the payout functionality and sales reports aggregation, significantly enhancing the system's capabilities and performance. GPT-4 Integration: Spearheaded the integration of GPT-4, leveraging few-shot prompting, to establish an Entity Recognition System. Seamless Integration: Skillfully integrated a pre-authentication payment system to adapt to suppliers' changing prices, ensuring smooth transaction processing and a seamless user experience. Performance Optimization: Implemented a custom caching system based on Redis, leveraging its power to optimize application performance, improve scalability, and deliver a seamless user experience. Database Design: Ensured the database's alignment with feature requirements while considering its performance and impact on existing functionalities. Transformational Platform Shift: Played a vital role in the transition of the platform from a local food discovery platform to a comprehensive Social Commerce Marketplace, actively contributing to its growth and evolution.
Sr. Software Engineer
SimformSr. Software Engineer
Mar. 2021 - Jul. 2022This is a marketplace for parking lots where parking lot owners can rent out their parking lots. - I was a lead backend developer closely leading a team of 4 developers. - My most notable contribution to this project was to implement coding practices and mentoring juniors. - I developed the core reservation logic of the system and implemented a robust access control mechanism. - Responsibility for code reviews of my peers and guiding them to improve the code quality.
Full Stack Engineer
OrderhiveFull Stack Engineer
Feb. 2019 - Jan. 2021IndiaAt Orderhive, I served as a full-stack developer, leveraging Node and Spring Boot for backend operations, alongside React for frontend development. My responsibilities included autonomously spearheading feature development, encompassing both frontend and backend components. I played a key role in developing three integrations that made it easier for the company to bring aboard new clients. The integration facilitating seamless synchronization of inventory, orders, and shipments across multiple platforms. The integrations were Channel Advisor, China Division, and Rakuten. Furthermore, I championed the development of a Chrome extension MVP, streamlining client workflows through automation. Notably, this extension simplifies tasks such as mapping hazardous material UN Identifiers with Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), ensuring they are automatically pre-filled when accessing the shipping form page. This enhancement significantly boosts efficiency and accuracy in our processes.
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