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Work Background
Data Analyst
Ever Medical TechnologiesData Analyst
Jul. 2022Bangkok City, Thailand- Healthcare Analytics Dashboard - created impactful charts, including 4 sub-dashboards (overall, clinical, patient, and financial) using Tableau and Looker Studio for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, STEMI and overall disease from SMPK, CCS, Rayong and Vajira hospital EMRs data - Predictive Health - trained models to predict ischemic heart disease risk using clinical EMRs and demographic variables based on > 120,000 patients with 0.89 recall - Data Ingestion - query and structure vast amounts of data in a memory-friendly format from BigQuery, discovering that lazy operations can decrease memory footprint and reduce run time by ~10x - Data Cleaning - developed new data manipulation and cleaning processes that enhance company's ability to encapsulate valuable information such as extracting all lab results to analyze disease risk factors and visit analysis - EDA - conducted statistical analysis to support healthcare decision from LabResults, billing and drugs using Python's Plotly - Web scraping - scraping about fall, fighting and suicide picture from google search using Beautiful Soup and Selenium
Business Intelligence Developer
AgodaBusiness Intelligence Developer
Jan. 2022 - May. 2022Bangkok City, Thailand- Worked on business intelligence and data warehouse concepts utilizing data tools such as Tableau, Metabase, SQL Server, Vertica and Hadoop - Developed data and BI solutions, and collaborated with product managers and business users to ensure that our data and solutions met the business analytic requirements - Improved performance by ~30% through refactoring data structures and implementing an updated SQL logic, resulting in a more efficient data source and faster query execution - Proactively ensured data quality, integrity, and SLA compliance in BI products by selecting data validation rules, including multiple alerts for critical data points, resulting in gold metis badge across all bi_violet key table - Refreshed and optimized existing analysis based on internal and external feedback
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Startup Founder
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QA/QC Engineer @ ex SberDevices
Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ STUDIO11206
CTO, Founder @ Swarmica
Startup FounderAdvisor
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Chief Executive Officer @ Siamese Extraction
Manager, Commercial Strategy & Operation @ Delivery Hero
EVP, Retail Payment Product Solution and Management @ Siam Commercial Bank