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United Arab Emirates
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Site Reliability Engineer
Akamai TechnologiesSite Reliability Engineer
Oct. 2022Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaDebugging and fixing the code written in various languages like Perl, python, and PHP. Enhancing the features and optimizing the code. Monitoring the incoming request via ticket, mail. Working with database to assign the access , also optimizing and updating the sql query as per the requirement. Using ansible to run the various jobs.
DevOps Engineer
NetskopeDevOps Engineer
Nov. 2021 - Oct. 2022Bengaluru, Karnataka, IndiaWork on - debugging production issues - Jenkins - Ansible - Sumo logic - Mysql - kafka - kubernetes (GKE) - Helm - Spinnaker - mongodb - redis ( Basics understanding of redis) - grafana (created dashboard and alert) - prometheus ( work on the promql)
Site Reliability Engineer
Halodoc IDSite Reliability Engineer
Jul. 2021 - Oct. 2021Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, IndiaWork on different technologies:- - Shell Scripting -- Create Shell Script to Install all the Software Used in the Organisation. So it will save time. - Pre-Commit -- Pre-Commit helps us to automatically debug our code and also maintains the code structure using the git hooks. I Configure the hooks for Server Side . - Jenkins -- I Created the Jobs using the groovy script and Migrate the jobs from manual to the pipeline Jobs. - Percona Monitoring and Management -- In this, I have configured an end-to-end setup. I add the instance to monitor and enable the alerting rules. I have added 61+ database that is on AWS. - Explore other technology and hands-on practice -- Docker -- Kubernetes -- Ansible -- Terraform -- AWS


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