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Work Background
Disneyland ResortEntertainment Costuming - Talent
Mar. 2023Anaheim, California, United StatesAn integral part of the Operations Team at Disneyland Resort, with exceptional attention to detail and extensive knowledge of materials, construction techniques, and intellectual properties. -Collaborate with entertainment teams to assemble, maintain, and assure the quality of custom costumes that enhance the guest experience and bring Disney stories to life. -Maintain a working knowledge of a multitude of characters, performers, and their required costume pieces across the resort’s six unique locations. -Ensure compliance with all safety, health, and union regulations, regularly inspecting costumes and equipment for potential hazards and taking appropriate action to mitigate risk. Show less
Interactive AdvocacyEducational Victim Advocate
Feb. 2021 - Jul. 2022NationalA compassionate and empathetic Credentialed Advocate (CA) dedicated to promoting awareness, providing education, and delivering impactful training to prevent and address sexual violence. -Developed and implemented tailored prevention and response training for a diverse range of private sector clients, primarily various branches of the US Military. -Created promotional materials that showcase the company’s mission, culture, and products. -Maintained a working knowledge of appropriate procedures, affiliated professionals, and legal options available to victims of violence. Show less
WarnerMediaCOVID Compliance Associate
Aug. 2020 - Jan. 2021Burbank, California, United StatesHealth & Safety professional highly skilled in implementing rigorous health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of cast and crew, with extensive knowledge of infection control measures. -Coordinated with local health authorities and production insurers to ensure compliance with local regulations and policies. -Developed and implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 safety plan for the production to ensure smooth and safe operation of the set. -Conducted regular inspections to ensure compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols. Show less
Actors'​ Equity AssociationProfessional Actor
Oct. 2017Seasoned and versatile unionized performer, adept at bringing dynamic and nuanced performances to life through a deep understanding of character development and the collaborative process. Companies: Warner Bros., Universal/Peacock, The York Theatre & Others (Full Resume Available on Request) -Interpret directors' creative vision while refining and perfecting each performance through rigorous training, self-evaluation, and constructive feedback. -Establish and maintain a personal brand through effective use of social media, website development, and self-promotion strategies to increase visibility, attract new opportunities, and build professional credibility. -Promote productions, network with industry professionals, make special appearances, and participate in media interviews to maintain a positive industry reputation, increase ticket sales, and foster audience engagement. Show less
TodayTix GroupConcierge
Sep. 2017 - Oct. 2017New York, New York, United StatesDistinguished guest experience specialist providing seamless and personalized will-call experiences for Broadway theatergoers. -Represented the TodayTix brand to high-profile patrons and guests with professionalism and sophistication, with a focus on individualized attention and discretion. -Consistently maintained a comprehensive knowledge of the locations and current productions of all 41 Broadway theaters. -Demonstrated exceptional time management and organization skills to ensure quick and efficient ticket distribution by utilizing a mobile will call system. -Navigated and problem-solved through the unique challenges of delivering tickets in high-traffic and bustling areas of Manhattan. Show less
St. Paul's SchoolTheatre Producer / Performing Arts & ASL Instructor
Jun. 2017 - Jul. 2017Visalia, California, United StatesA visionary educator delivering exceptional theatrical productions while providing comprehensive instruction to young performers in acting, singing, and dancing, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for all students. -Coordinated casting, rehearsals, technical elements, and performances for summer school musical productions, including all aspects of directing, choreography, and musical direction. -Developed and implemented innovative curricula for vocal performance, musical theatre history, and American Sign Language courses for students in grades 4-8. -Fostered a safe and inclusive environment for all students, addressing individual needs and creating a positive and supportive learning environment. Show less
Visalia Music SchoolCreative Marketing Specialist
May. 2016 - Aug. 2016Visalia, California, United StatesA forward-thinking strategist developing innovative and effective marketing campaigns that engage the community and promote the mission of an independent music school. -Conceptualized, executed, and lead production of promotional media. -Recruited and coached talent for promotional media. -Analyzed marketing data and provided insights to the executive board to make informed decisions about future marketing efforts.
Third Act TheatreFounder & Executive Producer
Dec. 2015 - Jul. 2017Visalia, California, United StatesAn innovative and team-oriented leader mounting contemporary musical theatre productions that showcase the talent of local LGBTQ+ and POC performers, cultivating a diverse and welcoming creative atmosphere. -Created and implement strategic plans for artistic direction, production, and branding to successfully showcase emerging theatre artists of various disciplines. -Developed and executed effective marketing and digital marketing plans to promote the theatre's productions, events, and appearances. -Fostered strong partnerships with community organizations and businesses to expand the theatre's reach and impact. Show less
VariousVoice Teacher / Music Educator
Aug. 2015 - Mar. 2021California, United StatesCompanies & Institutions: Musicians Mobile, Visalia Music School, Whittier Union High School, & Others (Full Resume Available on Request) Passionate teaching artist, dedicated to fostering the musical growth and technical proficiency of students through personalized instruction and a deep understanding of vocal technique, repertoire, and performance practice. -Developed and delivered innovative and effective vocal and music instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. -Stayed current on the latest techniques and trends in vocal and music education, continually refining instructional methods to enhance student learning outcomes. Show less
VariousStage Director/Vocal Director
Feb. 2013California, United StatesCompanies & Institutions: Third Act Theatre Co., Lime Arts Productions, San Jose State University, Buena Park Youth Theatre, St. Paul’s School, & Others (Full Resume Available on Request) Accomplished creative professional dedicated to producing inclusive and emotional productions, with a proven track record of leading collaborative teams to bring a shared vision to life. -Collaborate with set builders, costume designers, lighting designers, and performers to ensure seamless integration of all production elements and create cohesive and immersive experiences for audiences. -Develop and implement strategies for inclusive casting, production design, and development processes that reflect the diversity of the community and challenge audiences to think deeply about social issues. Show less (discontinued)Editor In Chief
Feb. 2008 - Dec. 2010United StatesA prodigious distributor of various written works by young writers from around the world. -Analyzed website metrics and user feedback to continuously improve website design and content strategy. -Edited and curated a range of written works from diverse voices, ensuring high-quality content for readers -Conducted interviews with award winning authors, providing insightful and engaging content for readers.
LoftOperaProduction & Design Intern
Feb. 2017 - May. 2017Brooklyn, New York, United StatesA dynamic intern bringing a natural talent of lighting design and technical production to elevate the LoftOpera stage and create innovating and engaging visual experiences in the world of opera. -Managed lighting and technical production aspects for multiple LoftOpera productions, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. -Collaborated with artists and vendors to execute and enhance the artistic vision of LoftOpera productions through lighting and technical design. -Collaborated with the production team to source and acquire necessary production materials and equipment, contributing to the overall efficiency and success of LoftOpera productions. Show less
Disney StoreSales Associate
Sep. 2016 - Dec. 2016An enthusiastic guest service facilitator, providing a unique and memorable experience for all guests, while achieving sales goals and maintaining brand standards at The Disney Store’s top-grossing, flagship Times Square location. -Utilized strong product knowledge and communication skills to successfully facilitate guest interactions and create magical moments for guests of all ages. -Proactively sought out opportunities to improve processes and procedures to enhance the guest experience. -Contributed to the success of the store by consistently achieving high levels of guest satisfaction and sales performance. Show less
Yoursphere Media, Inc.Contributing Writer
Apr. 2010 - Jul. 2012An expressive voice crafting compelling and engaging stories and articles that inform and captivate readers. -Collaborated with the editorial team to ideate and execute content for the platform. -Edited and revised content to ensure accuracy and quality. -Developed a loyal readership by producing engaging, relatable, and shareable content.
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