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Impact OneFounder
Jun. 2020Impact One, head quartered in New Delhi, India is delivering Influencer Marketing Automation to Brands with 60,000+ iO Influencers Pan India. Founded in 2020, Impact One powered by Dot Club Private Limited is fueling the PBCL Industry with the power of Influence. We created this platform to bestow a strategic automation that enables brands to experience the best of Influencer Marketing. At Impact One, we don’t only build brand awareness, market positioning, revenue generation for iO Partners via brand collaborations with our onboarded iO Influencers. But also honor the presence of iO Partners by providing them a promising Influencer Engagement Program that can benefit them in multiple ways. Through this program, we intend to amplify the marketing approach for Partners & bestow Influencers with the privilege they deserve. Apart from Influencer Marketing for PBCL & Startups, Impact One also run’s its Ad Making Vertical with multiple talents & brands.
Founder & CEO
Status TAGFounder & CEO
Jan. 2020IndiaBuilding Status TAG! Status TAG- A Geo-Tagging & Image Sharing Social Media Platform focuses on providing a revolutionary social media experience to its users. Status TAG is not just a basic social media but it is a networking platform along with its inbuilt Wire Marketplace and some ‘never-explored-before’ features like Live Crowd Chat, Hangout Zones, Co-working Spaces, Customized Privacy, and many more! At Status TAG, we intend to provide users with technically advanced application with the all-so-exciting mandatory geo-tagging perks that are to be found only when you start using it!
Founder & CEO
Fyre SearchFounder & CEO
Jun. 2019IndiaFounded in 2019, Fyre Search- a Crowd Management and Marketing Company is integrated with the largest Geotagging Social Media Platform. It is a cutting edge marketing strategy tailored into a mobile application designed specially for PBCL (Pubs, Bars, Clubs, Cafes, Lounges) and Restaurant Industry. Fyre Search brings in the untapped version of Metaverse for PBCL, where owners can create an enticing virtual reality in their outlet to give their customers an experience for lifetime! The platform also bestows significant PR and Marketing results to the onboarded partners and help them thrive as a brand. With this dynamic & high-tech platform our partners are also meeting remarkable end-to-end sales solutions with high ROI. Fyre Search helps business to market their brand on virtual marketplace where millions of target audience are already waiting to choose their brand. ‘Let there be no one between you & your customers!’- Fyre Search!
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