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Work Background
Mobile Software Engineer
K2 Partnering SolutionsMobile Software Engineer
Apr. 2022 - May. 2023K2 partnering solutions is an outsourcing company that allocated me to a project within PagSeguro. I was an iOS developer for the Cupertino PlugPag squad responsible for connecting payment terminals to the IOS app. I was responsible for training and developing new IOS developers in the squad, teaching the technologies, applying activities, monitoring performance, and providing feedback; With this project, we were able to provide over 10 million users the possibility to pay in different ways, such as by credit card or other payment methods; Technologies: iOS C, C++, and Android.
Mobile Engineer
K2 Partnering SolutionsMobile Engineer
Jun. 2021 - Sep. 2021Home OfficeK2 partnering solutions is an outsourcing company that allocated me to a project within Sodexo. I worked in the development team since the beginning of the discovery process. I was involved in the following activities: - Development of Mobile applications for iOS; - Work with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to backend services; - Write unit and integration tests; - Development with Test Driven Development - TDD; - Being part of an environment of autonomous squads responsible for the entire software development and release process; - Ensuring that projects comply with good practices and internal conventions; - Deeply understand our product, working with it on a daily basis, always striving to improve it; - Collaborate with the evolution of the platform through insights and new points of view; - Develop new features that shine the eyes of our users; - Integration of SDK and applications with RESTful APIs in JSON; - Writing high-quality code, with tests and performance; - Ensuring that projects comply with good practices and internal conventions.
Software Architecture Specialist
Compass.uolSoftware Architecture Specialist
Sep. 2021 - Apr. 2022Compass Uol is a consulting company that provides digital transformation solutions to its clients. I worked as a squad leader in iOS development in the projects: Iguatemi365, Natura Pay Cobnet, and Natura Whitelabel Apps. In the Iguatemi project, we developed a responsive application so that customers could shop and view the mall; In the Natura Pay Cobnet project, we created a financial management platform for the company's employees; In the Natura Whitelabel Apps project, an application was developed to be a new sales channel, resulting in a significant increase in the company's revenues; In the team there were 20 developers from 4 different squads, where I was responsible for technical and strategic management; As a result of my leadership, we were able to achieve more assertive results and considerably decrease technology and communication errors; Technology: iOS, Android, BFF integrations e Drupal.
Mobile Tech Lead
act digitalMobile Tech Lead
Mar. 2021 - Jun. 2021Home OfficeI acted as Tech Lead of the NATURA & Co; I led the team of 8 developers, responsible for transforming the end consumer experience in the gift journey; I was responsible for the technical solution designs and architecture of the e-commerce platform (App and Web); I used my communication skills to successfully manage the integration between the supplier systems and the internal teams. As a result, our team exceeded national delivery targets; Technology: iOS, Android, BFF e Typescript.
Security Tech Lead
Banco OriginalSecurity Tech Lead
Sep. 2020 - Mar. 2021I created the process of quality service deployment and migration involving customization, configuration and development of enterprise level solution integrations; My primary responsibility was to strategically analyze the scenario and implement changes to the business information and architecture requirements based on cybersecurity standards; As a result, we were able to reduce the number of frauds in the bank, generating greater security for the client and the company; Responsible for developing, leading, and testing in technologies: Android Java, Kotlin, Java, Spring, iOS Swift, Obj-C, Java Web e Angular;
Tech Lead Mobile
Banco OriginalTech Lead Mobile
Jul. 2020 - Sep. 2020Responsible for managing 11 developers, performing: feedbacks, development plans, code review and 1:1; Worked in partnership with projects, customer service, BI and other areas with the objective of simplifying complex ideas or highly complex implementation; Had the objective of creatively solving performance barriers, seeking the best technical and technological solutions; Technology: iOS, Android, BFF e Typescript.
Mobile Software Engineer
Banco OriginalMobile Software Engineer
Jan. 2020 - Jul. 2020Using this libraries/frameworks: - MVVM - Swinject/Swinject - Ekhoo/Device - kaandedeoglu/KDCircularProgress - Moya/Moya - ReactiveCocoa/ReactiveSwift - airbnb/lottie-ios - realm/realm-cocoa - krzyzanowskim/CryptoSwift - soyersoyer/SwCrypt - onevcat/Kingfisher - andreamazz/AMPopTip - TheLevelUp/ZXingObjC - imaginary-cloud/CameraManager - hackiftekhar/IQKeyboardManager - material-foundation/material-internationalization-ios
Mobile Software Engineer
Zup InnovationMobile Software Engineer
Sep. 2019 - Jan. 2020São Paulo, SP, BrazilAssigned to the Santander Way project, responsible for developing features for Customer Support in Santander's APP; With my property in product architecture, I started to report to the Chapter Leader and help design decisions for the iOS platform; Researched, evaluated and adopted new technologies in order to produce more agile and strategic results; Investigated the performance quality, usability, reliability, maintainability, and extensibility of the bank's application; As a result, we managed to reduce the number of calls to the bank's help desk, reducing telecom costs and consequently successfully achieving the expected result; Technology: iOS Swift e Objective-C.
Mobile Software Engineer
INDTMobile Software Engineer
May. 2018 - Sep. 2019Brasília Area, BrazilActing in several projects, with focus on mobile development; EPSON Moverio Project: Augmented Reality, Business Intelligence and Computer Vision Project at Epson Brazil; I was assigned with the objective of bringing innovation to the production of SMT electronic boards in the factory; Technology: Java, Android, Unity3D, C# e AR. EPSON BI Project: Development of WEB & A.R Business Intelligence application - Through board production data records with automatic insertion of components (SMD); The result was to provide productivity intelligence to support leadership management decisions; Technology: Java, Bootstrap e Javascript. PTH 4.0 Project: Quality Inspection Solution for electronic boards with manual components created by INDT; Technology: C# e Image Processing. Rubi 40 Project: Rubi 40 is an online application, where the platform itself managed the competencies needed for each project; The application, based on a calculation, presented the best service provider for the execution of a certain project, generating greater performance and satisfaction of the final client; Technology: Java, Spring, MongoDB, Javascript e Bootstrap.
Mobile Software Engineer
App BSBMobile Software Engineer
Nov. 2015 - Mar. 2018BrasíliaI was responsible for the creation, reference research, development and maintenance of the application; Analyze, evolve and maintain high scalability, availability and performance, resilient and event-driven systems; As CTO, I acted in the formation of the team where we hired developers, trained and developed them to act in the interfaces; Acted in the integration with the development team in clarifying and defining the requirements of the systems, acting as interface between business and IT; Responsible for introducing concepts and market practices to solve important problems in the development team; Technology: Swift e Objective-C iOS.
Mobile Software Engineer
Wiz SoluçõesMobile Software Engineer
Aug. 2017 - Feb. 2018Brasília e Região, BrasilI worked on the development of the applications: Zim Client and Zim Broker; As demand and priority, I had to develop clean and easy to maintain code, providing less errors and slowdowns in the system; I introduced concepts and market practices to solve important problems in the squads I worked; As a result, we were able to have data from the application usage providing the team managers could make decisions involving a significant number of factors and impacts based on data and POCs (proof of concept); Technology: iOS Swift.
Full Stack Engineer
BiggdataFull Stack Engineer
Apr. 2017 - Dec. 2017Responsible for the design, development and maintenance of project management systems, where the objective was to create an internal project and contract management system; Test scenario development, test execution and bug fixing; Responsible for debugging within a complex environment that includes multiple connected systems; Identified errors and inconsistencies in the contracts, enabling the creation of a management process; Technology: Swift, Javascript, Vapor, AWS, HTML, CSS e Bootstrap.
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