CEO & co-founder of ANIMAL-ID - Vasyl Dub

CEO & co-founder of ANIMAL-ID

We started with a platform that helps pet owners to keep their pets safe and healthy, and gradually evolving it into a pet-centric B2B2C platform! There are 3 co-founders, with offices in Los Angeles (CA) and Dallas (TX), and a back-office in Ukraine. We reached 3X growth of the monthly revenue and new user registrations for the last 6 months. More than 320K registered pets. We are looking for investors and strategic partners now. Let's work together and make this world a better place for people and ---- One thing about me that describes me better than a list of the skillset. Today, I know that I am persistent enough and lucky to reach any set-goals, though I do not need any as I have already set a few world-changing goals that have inspired me and the people around me. It has taken me many years to find it and no matter how much time it will take to reach it, I am fully committed.
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