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Managing Partner
YBraniumManaging Partner
Aug. 2019Bengaluru Area, IndiaAs a co-founder and managing partner of Ybranium private limited, I was responsible for overseeing the overall operations of the company and driving its growth and profitability. I developed and implemented strategic visions that aligned with the company's goals and objectives. I was also responsible for overseeing all aspects of operations, including marketing and sales, customer service, and financial management. I built and maintained strong relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, investors, and partners, and used these relationships to drive business growth and build long-term partnerships. Overall, my experience as a Co-founder and managing partner of Ybranium Private Limited was marked by a focus on growth and profitability, a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, and a dedication to building strong relationships with key stakeholders.
Electrical Engineer
Bharat ElectronicsElectrical Engineer
Jul. 2018 - Jul. 2019Bengaluru Area, India• Embedded Circuit Design: Design and develop embedded circuitry for defence and space applications, ensuring adherence to industry standards and requirements. • FPGA Programming: Utilize FPGA programming skills to implement complex algorithms and logic designs for various defence and space projects. • Analog Circuit Design: Design and develop Analog circuits, including signal conditioning, amplifiers, filters, and other Analog components for optimal performance and reliability. • Testing and Integration: Conduct thorough testing and integration of designed circuits and systems, verifying functionality, performance, and compliance with specifications. Project Documentation: Prepare detailed project documentation, including design specifications, technical reports, test plans, and user manuals, ensuring accurate and comprehensive documentation throughout the project lifecycle. • Environmental and EMI/EMC Qualification: Ensure compliance with environmental and electromagnetic compatibility (EMI/EMC) standards and regulations, conducting necessary testing and qualification activities. • Component Obsolescence and RoHS Management: Monitor and manage component obsolescence, proactively identifying suitable replacements and ensuring compliance with RoHS regulations. • Resource Planning and Project Task Execution: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to plan and execute project tasks effectively, managing resources, timelines, and deliverables. • Project Feasibility Analysis: Analyse project feasibility, considering technical, economic, and schedule constraints, and provide recommendations to stakeholders. • Hardware Debugging: Identify and resolve hardware issues and anomalies through systematic debugging and troubleshooting techniques.
Electrical Engineer
BESCOMElectrical Engineer
Oct. 2017 - Jul. 2018Bengaluru Area, India• Collaborate with Professional Engineers and Senior Staff to develop engineering designs for electric vehicle charging station projects. • Participate in various phases of the design process, including preliminary design visits, conceptual planning, zoning and planning coordination, permit documentation, and construction level design plans. • Gain exposure to Design/Build and Construction Management activities, enhancing knowledge and skills in the field. • Collaborate with CAD staff to prepare detailed plans for submittal to local authorities having jurisdiction. • Ensure that the plans comply with relevant codes, regulations, and standards. • Contribute to the preparation of project reports and submittals, assisting in the communication and documentation of design decisions and project progress. • Emphasize effective collaboration and communication with team members, stakeholders, and local authorities. • Participate actively in meetings and contribute to discussions, offering insights and recommendations based on technical knowledge and expertise.
Electrical Design Engineer
Bangalore tele systemsElectrical Design Engineer
Jun. 2016 - Sep. 2017Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, IndiaAs an Electrical Design Engineer, I have successfully led the design and documentation production of numerous small and large projects during my tenure at Bangalore tele systems. Under the guidance of lead design engineers, I played a pivotal role in conceptualizing designs for specific projects, ensuring that all deliverables and products, including calculations, drawings, and specifications, met the highest quality standards and complied with regulatory requirements. During my time , I conducted site inspections to determine compliance with construction documents and resolved design issues during the construction phase. I was responsible for Code Compliance, ensuring that all electrical systems, fire alarm systems, and special systems were designed and implemented in accordance with industry best practices and relevant codes. My expertise in performing calculations for projects, including wire and conduit sizing, panel and breaker sizing, fault current calculations, light fixture specifications, and photometric design, enabled me to deliver projects on time and within budget. I had a keen eye for detail and consistently complied with project schedules, regulatory requirements, and industry best practices. In addition to my technical skills, I possess excellent leadership and communication abilities. I was skilled in assessing and anticipating deliverables, preparing budgets and schedules, and communicating resource requirements to senior management. I also represented the company in project meetings, including those with utilities, owners, contractors, construction subcontractors, and inspectors, and provided expert technical advice on a range of issues. Overall, my experience as an Electrical Design Engineer at Bangalore Tele Systems has provided me with a solid foundation in designing, documenting, and delivering high-quality electrical projects, while also ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


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