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Work Background
Founder | Angel Investor | Business Consultant
Self-EmployedFounder | Angel Investor | Business Consultant
Jan. 2006Dallas, TX · RemoteIn this role, I drive organizational operations, policies, and overall business objectives for maximum productivity and ROI. I interview, onboard, and train new employees to own department activities, as well as conduct quarterly business analyses to identify opportunities for growth, assess potential risks, and implement corrective measures to ensure cost control and continuous financial success. I offer expert advice, analysis, and solutions through creative problem-solving and technical development. Additionally, I am responsible for managing costs to ensure profitability and appropriate resource allocation for product development, marketing, and revenue growth. My accomplishments include: • I successfully founded and launched 7 mid-cap companies before the age of 30. Experienced in the following industries: Digital Media & Marketing | Logistics | Healthcare | Cosmetology | Finance | Oil & Gas | Commercial & Residential Construction | Events & Entertainment | Brick & Mortar | E-Commerce | Merchandising
Technical Support Specialist
Omni InteractionsTechnical Support Specialist
Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2023Dallas, Texas, United States · RemoteIn this role, I coordinated with the engineering team as L2 support to create, fulfill, assign, and close tickets for issues surrounding OS, software, installation, updates, activation, and licensing for one of the world's largest financial software companies. Additionally, I evaluated expanding and enhanced computer operations and upgraded hardware and software to manage workload and system requirements. I also contributed to the overhaul of the knowledge base and technical support training program. My accomplishments included: • I received a promotion to L2 Tech Lead during 1st year of employment. • I was recognized as a Subject Matter Expert within the organization in multiple areas.
MERN Full Stack Engineer
EndavaMERN Full Stack Engineer
Jan. 2022 - Dec. 2023Dallas, Texas, United States · RemoteIn this role, I built an automated robotics conversion application for a large enterprise cold chain logistics client and collaborated with Application Support Team to reach organizational development and implementation goals. I developed an L3 support engineer strategy and innovated processes. Furthermore, I configured and installed software rollouts and performed real-time troubleshooting and integrations for over 100 facilities across the U.S. Served as Subject Matter Expert for several processes and provided continuous software, training, and operational SOP documentation. My accomplishments included: • I received recognition through multiple awards from both Endava and clients for innovation, adaptability, adeptness, and inquisitiveness. • I improved efficiencies throughout the SLDC by consulting cross-functionally with key stakeholders, development, data science, and product teams to recommend strategic initiatives and performance optimization opportunities. Tech: React | React Native | JavaScript | PostgreSQL | Microsoft SQL Server | JavaScript ES6 | Node.js | GraphQL | JSON | Postman, Atlassian | Jira | Confluence | DataDog | Loggly | DBeaver | Relational Databases | iOS | Android | SLDC | Agile | CI/CD
Founder | Digital Media Strategist | Growth Hacker
Onyx CaliberFounder | Digital Media Strategist | Growth Hacker
Jan. 2014 - Dec. 2019Dallas, Texas, United States · RemoteIn this role, I owned and operated a full-service digital media agency specializing in scaling companies through technology and digital media tactics. I curated creative and digital content and development tools to scale startups and small businesses by dominating the marketplace with a heavy online presence and a rapidly growing customer base for clientele. Finally, I onboarded, trained, and supervised a team of graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, and copywriters to further the client's reach and brand voice. My accomplishments included: • I successfully scaled multiple client organizations by rapid customer acquisition, diversifying into multiple revenue streams, recapturing waste, reallocating resources, and expanding their foothold in the marketplace. • I increased total client annual revenue by up to 250% during my tenure.
Senior Business Advisor
Generational Equity, LLCSenior Business Advisor
Jan. 2016 - Dec. 2018Dallas, Texas, United StatesIn this role, I consulted with business owners and C-level executives of private sector mid-cap companies on developing and executing planned exit strategies, and navigating mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures as a Senior Business Advisor for the #1 M&A firm in North America. My accomplishments included: • I was the youngest advisor ever hired by the firm. • I made Top 15 Senior Advisor within 3 months. • I made Top 5 Senior Advisor within 6 months.
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