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Product Manager
LengooProduct Manager
Aug. 2022 - Sep. 2023Berlin, Germany• Orchestrated seamless execution of browser plugins and connectors across Office 365, Chrome, Edge, Salesforce, and WordPress platforms, collaborating with external agencies, conducting API integrations, and implementing AI technologies to enhance user experience. • Led the end-to-end development process for browser plugins, ensuring strict adherence to quality standards and best practices while providing guidance to the team. Implemented efficient workflows and monitored project milestones to deliver high-quality products. • Successfully oversaw the management of PIM, DAM, and CMS products, driving product roadmap decisions through market analysis and customer feedback in close collaboration with cross-functional teams. Evaluated API capabilities to enhance product features and functionality. • Cultivated and nurtured strategic partnerships with technology partners, vendors, and clients, facilitating integration opportunities and fostering business growth. Collaborated closely with partners to leverage APIs and establish mutually beneficial relationships.
Business Process Analyst Associate
SAICBusiness Process Analyst Associate
Sep. 2021 - Apr. 2022United States• Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO®) since 01/10/2022, demonstrating expertise in agile product management. • Led successful feature implementations through meticulous planning and specification development. • Collaborated closely with stakeholders to deeply understand needs, translating them into actionable requirements. • Owned and prioritized the product backlog, ensuring alignment with business value and customer impact. • Coordinated with developers and utilized tools like Azure DevOps to deliver custom solutions and drive successful outcomes.
Veteran Fellow
Halfaker and Associates, LLCVeteran Fellow
Jun. 2021 - Sep. 2021Remote• Salesforce Administration: Trained and proficient in Salesforce administration through Trailhead, possessing knowledge of best practices and leveraging the platform to drive business success. • Agile Methodology: Experienced in applying Scrum Agile methodology in day-to-day work, promoting effective collaboration, iterative development, and continuous improvement. • Scrum Meetings and Sprints: Actively participate in Scrum meetings and contribute to product sprints, ensuring alignment, efficient planning, and successful delivery of product increments. • Jira and Confluence: Proficient in utilizing Jira and Confluence, adhering to best practices to manage projects, track tasks, and facilitate team collaboration.
Business Student
General AssemblyBusiness Student
Sep. 2020 - Dec. 2020Washington DC-Baltimore AreaProjects: React/Django Client Project: • Developed six responsive React components for an application. • Collaborated with a team of 24 developers, following Agile methodology to meet deadlines and incorporate feedback from the project manager. • Implemented React Router and constructed user and profile models using Django for the backend. API and Front-end Application: • Constructed a RESTful API and front-end web application, enabling users to access API endpoints. Implemented CRUD functionality to facilitate API data creation, read, update, and delete operations. • Created comprehensive documentation to ensure user-friendly access to the API. Top Stories: • Created a news site using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a news API. • Implemented search functionality, allowing users to explore top stories by category and viewing the day's top stories. JavaScript Game: • Designed and developed a word guessing game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Implemented a functional keyboard that could be activated through mouse clicks on letter buttons or keypresses. • Developed game logic to enable users to enter a mystery word for a second player or receive a random mystery word from a GRE prep list. Mock Up: • Built a website to replicate a mock-up design using HTML and CSS. • Designed a wireframe to break down the site's structure into manageable components. • Utilized media queries for responsive design, ensuring optimal readability across various screen sizes.
Operations Project Manager
Dear SundaysOperations Project Manager
Mar. 2019 - Oct. 2019Greater New York City Area• Stakeholder Management: Proven ability to work effectively with key stakeholders, ensuring clear communication and alignment between cross-functional teams. • Logistics Management: Expertise in optimizing processes and managing company logistics across different teams for smooth operations. • Employee Management: Skilled in recruiting, training, scheduling, coaching, and disciplining employees to foster a high-performing team environment. • Technology Implementation: Experience implementing new technologies like Booker.com to enhance operational efficiency and customer experience. • Communication Channels: Proficient in setting up multiple communication channels and utilizing tools like Google Analytics to track customer interactions and optimize digital presence. • Strategic Planning: Contributes to strategic plans, conducts reviews, and implements action plans to improve production, productivity, quality, and customer service.
East Coast Account Manager
HOWEEast Coast Account Manager
Nov. 2015 - Dec. 2017East Coast• Proactively managed Major and Specialty accounts, nurturing strong relationships and driving sales growth through effective account management strategies. • Utilized market knowledge and data analysis to forecast sales, enabling accurate planning and resource allocation to maximize revenue potential. • Demonstrated expertise in managing the field incentive budget and performance reporting, ensuring incentives aligned with business objectives and motivating the sales team to achieve targets. • Prepared comprehensive monthly and weekly sales reports, providing valuable insights into sales trends, performance metrics, and actionable recommendations for improvement. • Offered budget analysis to guide wage growth decisions, leveraging financial data and market insights to inform strategic compensation planning. • Monitored and analyzed traffic information to identify opportunities for improving customer engagement and conversion rates, optimizing store operations, and driving revenue. • Contributed to special projects, leveraging strong organizational and analytical skills to support the successful execution of strategic initiatives. • Prepared and meticulously analyzed quarterly Proforma vs. Actual reports for the various retail concepts, providing critical performance assessments and actionable insights for continuous improvement.
National Account Executive
DiablicosNational Account Executive
Jun. 2015 - Nov. 2015Greater New York City Area• Global Wholesale Management: Successfully managed major and specialty accounts across diverse markets, driving growth and profitability on a global scale. • Marketing and E-Commerce Development: Led strategic marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility, expand market reach, and drive customer engagement. • Project Support and Reporting: Provided valuable support and expertise in special projects, contributing to successful execution. Prepared and analyzed quarterly Proforma vs. Actual reports for retail concepts, offering critical performance assessments and driving operational efficiency.
Wholesale Account Manager
HarbourWholesale Account Manager
May. 2017 - May. 2018New York, New York• Successfully achieved furniture sales targets by prospecting new clients and managing residential accounts. • Played a key role in arranging and participating in project management meetings and production meetings, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient operations. • Delivered compelling sales presentations at the NY Showroom, showcasing our products and services to potential clients. • Leveraged a strong network and actively engaged with potential clients to build relationships, understand their needs, and propose tailored solutions. • Collaborated with the senior management team to develop proposals that addressed the client's specific requirements, concerns, and objectives. • Prepared comprehensive proposals and bids and maintained an organized contact management system, "CRM" to streamline sales processes and ensure effective follow-ups. • Conducted thorough research to identify and cultivate relationships with new clients while nurturing existing client partnerships. • Worked closely with our technical staff and colleagues to ensure customer needs met and projects were successfully executed. • Proactively developed and executed PR/marketing initiatives to enhance brand visibility and attract new clients. • Organized and hosted engaging networking events to foster connections within the industry and promote our products and services.
East Coast Account Executive
The Park Showroom NYCEast Coast Account Executive
Jun. 2014 - Jun. 2015Greater New York City Area• East Coast Account Executive for Thing Thing and HOWE, managing both major and specialty accounts within the Sales Force. • Expertise in marketing strategies and implementation to drive brand awareness and customer engagement. • Successful development and optimization of e-commerce platforms to enhance online sales growth and improve the customer shopping experience. • Proven ability to set and manage budgets for controllable expenses, including payroll, field travel, and various store-related expenses. • Strong forecasting skills to predict sales trends and patterns, with experience managing the field incentive budget and performance reporting. Additionally, proficient in processing commissions, analyzing traffic information, and assisting in special projects.
Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Modern SpacesLicensed Real Estate Salesperson
Apr. 2013 - Apr. 2015


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